Director of

'What Every Girl Should Know'


Movement Codirector: Lizzy Delp

Lighting Design: Anna Dunbar

Costume Design: Nina Frost

Set Design: Nora Katz

Sound Design: Clara Seitz

Props: Oliver Morgan

Photography: Austin Michael Russell

Director of 'Acts of Creation'

By brianna barrett at Unframed at New stage theatre

Costume Design: Deonica Davis

Set Design: Darby Frost

Sound Design: Austin Michael Russell

Props: Jenna Kahley

Electrician/Light Op: Brendan Grisham

Photography: Destin Benford & Austin Michael Russell

Director of 'Wilderness'

By Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger at French Woods Festival for Performing Arts

Electrician/Light Op: Trenton Sweeney

Set Design: Leanne Early

Costume Designer: Meredith Levin

Director of 'become the flowers'

By Talia Friedenberg at May River Theatre

Light/Sound Electrician/Op: Liz McGinnes

Construction: Cindy Palko

Photography: Samme Brophy

assistant director of

'The Glass Menagerie'

by tennessee Williams

assistant to Francine Thomas Reynolds at New Stage Theatre

assistant director of

'The Sound of music'

Music by Rodgers and hammerstein, book by howard lindsay and russel crouse

assistant to Francine Thomas Reynolds at New Stage Theatre

assistant director of 'bright star'

Music, Book and Story by Stave MartinMusic, Lyrics and Story by Edie Brickwell

assistant to shannon Robert with the Clemson players

Lighting Designer: Kimberly Porth

Sound Designer: David Melton

Scenic Designer: David Hartmann

Costume Designer: Kendra Johnson

Photography: Ken Scar

director of 'five mile lake'

by Rachel bonds with the Clemson players' lab series

Lighting Designer: Madison Wakefield

Costume Designer: Karmen Brooks

Set Designers: Alyssa Halloran and Brittany Holiday

Photography: Isaiah del Campbell

assistant director of

'Christmas on the rocks'

By John Cariani, Jenn Harris & Matt Wilkas, Jefferey Hatcher, Jacques Lamarre, Theresa Rebeck, and Edwin Sanchez Conceived by Rob Ruggiero

assistant to chip egan at the warehouse theatre

Lighting Designer: Montana Kern

Costume Designer: Allison M. Steadman

Set Designer: David Hartmann

Photography: Wallace Krebs

assistant director of stop kiss

by Diana son, assistant to miranda Barnett with the Clemson players

Set Designer: Shannon Robert

Costume Designer: Kendra Johnson

Lighting Designer: Madeline Dixon

Photography: Matt Leckenbusch

director of '27 wagons full of cotton'

by Tennessee Williams with theatre unhinged

Lighting Design: Madeline Dixon

Photography: Sydney Lykins

assistant director of 'the diviners'

by jim leonard, assistant to shannon robert with the clemson players

Set Design: Shannon Robert

Costume Design: Kendra Johnson

Lighting Design: Tony Penna

Photography: Ken Scar

assistant director of

'circle mirror transformation'

by Annie baker through Clemson university workshop productions

Photography: Breanna Strife