French Woods Festival for Performing Arts


By Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger


Electrician/Light Op: Trenton Sweeney

Set Design: Leanne Early

Costume Designer: Meredith Levin


May River Theatre

Become the Flowers

By Talia Friedenberg


Light/Sound Electrician/Op: Liz McGinnes

Construction: Cindy Palko

Photography: Samme Brophy

Assistant Director

to Shannon Robert

The Clemson Players

Bright Star

Music, Book and Story by Stave Martin

Music, Lyrics and Story by Edie Brickwell 

Lighting Designer: Kimberly Porth

Sound Designer: David Melton

Scenic Designer: David Hartmann

Costume Designer: Kendra Johnson

Photography: Ken Scar


The Clemson Players' Lab Series

Five Mile Lake

By Rachel Bonds

Lighting Designer: Madison Wakefield

Costume Designer: Karmen Brooks

Set Designers: Alyssa Halloran and Brittany Holiday

Photography: Isaiah del Campbell

Assistant Director

to Chip Egan

The Warehouse Theatre

Christmas on the Rocks

By John Cariani, Jenn Harris & Matt Wilkas, Jefferey Hatcher, Jacques Lamarre, Theresa Rebeck, and Edwin Sanchez

Conceived by Rob Ruggiero

Lighting Designer: Montana Kern

Costume Designer: Allison M. Steadman

Set Designer: David Hartmann

Photography: Wallace Krebs

Assistant Director

To Miranda Barnett

Clemson University

Stop Kiss

By Diana Son

Set Designer: Shannon Robert

Costume Designer: Kendra Johnson

Lighting Designer: Madeline Dixon

Photography: Matt Leckenbusch


Theatre Unhinged

27 Wagons Full of Cotton

Tennessee Williams

Lighting Design: Madeline Dixon

Photography: Sydney Lykins

Assistant Director

To Shannon Robert

Clemson University

The Diviners

By Jim Leonard

Set Design: Shannon Robert

Costume Design: Kendra Johnson

Lighting Design: Tony Penna

Photography: Ken Scar

Assistant Director

To Kerrie Seymour

Clemson University Workshop Production

Circle Mirror Transformation

Annie Baker

Photography: Breanna Strife