I seek to create a sense of unity in an audience by bringing experiences to the stage that are accessible to people of all backgrounds. The complexities of interpersonal connections and the small, yet salient and oddly familiar moments they create are at the center of my work.


Lindsey is a Theatre Director based in Los Angeles who strives to create a mirror onstage in which a look, a breath, or a moment of hesitation reflect shared human experiences that audiences can identify with. She most recently has traveled to work with a new production company in New Orleans, The Fireweeds, as the CoDirector of their premier production of two one acts by Tennessee Williams: THE PRETTY TRAP and INTERIOR: PANIC. Afterwards, she headed straight to her Alma Mater to Direct THE TAMING at Clemson University. Back in undergrad, Lindsey directed several projects at Clemson and Assistant Directed CHRISTMAS ON THE ROCKS at The Warehouse Theatre in Greenville, SC. After graduating into the pandemic, she worked as an assistant on feature films in Atlanta, GA for Netflix and Sony. As theatres began reopening in various capacities, she directed BECOME THE FLOWERS by Talia Friedenberg at May River Theatre in Bluffton, S.C., and WILDERNESS by Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger at French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts in Hancock

, N.Y. before heading to Jackson, Mississippi. Lindsey spent 9months there as the Directing Associate Artist at New Stage Theatre, where she Assistant Directed for THE SOUND OF MUSIC and THE GLASS MENAGERIE and then Directed WHAT EVERY GIRL SHOULD KNOW by Monica Byrne and ACTS OF CREATION by Brianna Barrett for New Stage's Unframed Series. Since moving to LA, she has worked at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills as the Assistant Director of TOWARDS ZERO by Agatha Christie.


Currently working on The Taming

 at Clemson University


March-April 2024

Towards Zero

Theatre 40, Los Angeles

I made my LA Theatre debut as the Assistant Director of Towards Zero by Agatha Christie under Craig Hissong at Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills! 


August-September 2023

What Every Girl Should Know 

New Stage Theatre's Unframed

I am proud to have directed this play. As a reflection of girlhood, it is an equally joyous and devastating piece that was a pleasure to explore with an all female or AFAB production team. 


March - April 2023

Education Touring Productions

Along with Education Director, Xerron Mingo, I co-directed Anne & Emmett as the New Stage Theatre Education High School Touring Production.

I am enjoyed acting as Hen with my fellow associates in Click Clack Moo;  Cows That Type. My coworkers said that my 'empty-brain-hen-face' is hilarious and I've gotten comments from kids in the talkbacks saying they like Hen because she's silly. Though the show could be exhausting, especially when we performed it twice back to back, the process was so fun I enjoy it every time. 

 Additionally, I served as the Tour Manager, which means that I made contact with the representatives from each location and sent out a report after each tour. This taught me more about the administrative side of theatre.



September 2022 - May 2023

Wilderness at French Woods

While at French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts, I was able to direct Wilderness by Seth Bockley and Anne Hamburger with teens 14-18. This was a wonderful experience! As the play is rather heavy, I was very conscious of building a safe and supportive ensemble throughout the process and checking in with the kids. 


This play also had me dive into a completely new aspect of directing - movement pieces! Wilderness has 5 movement pieces with descriptions only of what they need to portray. This freedom was both intimidating and exciting. It gave me a chance to really create something from scratch as well as to facilitate the kids in creating their own movements for certain sections-I wanted all of them to contribute creatively to the production and feel a sense of ownership in it.

 Before their first performance,  I lead them in warm ups, talked to them about how proud of them I was, and asked them to each share something they learned or enjoyed from the process. Many of them talked about their comfort with the ensemble, friendships they created, how they all felt like an important part of the process of creating the piece.



July 2022

Cast Assistant on Sony Feature Film

Harold and the Purple Crayon 

On my second feature film experience, I worked as the Cast Assistant on Sony's, Harold and the Purple Crayon. The cast include Zachary Levi, Lil Rel Howard, Zooey Deschanel, Tanya Reynolds, and Jemaine Clement. 








February - April 2022

Uglies Director's Assistant

As my first feature film experience, I worked as the Director's Assistant on Netflix's upcoming film, Uglies. The movie is directed by McG and is based on the first book of Scott Westerfeld's bestselling series. 









August-December 2021

Intro to On Set Film Production

I completed Georgia Film Academy's 'Intro to On Set Production' course to explore and learn about the world of filmmaking.




June 2021

Academic Aide for Child with Autism

From August 2020 to March 2021 I worked as an academic aide for a child with autism, going to school with him each day. This means that I modified curriculum, created learning activities, monitored behaviors, self monitored reactions to behavior (per Applied Behavioral Analysis), encouraged and guided positive communication, and reinforced social skills throughout the day. This allowed him to both participate in classroom activities with his fellow students and get the one-on-one teaching he needed to keep up with the class.



August 2020


I am officially a 2020 graduate from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Production Studies in Performing Arts with a concentration in Theatre! 








May 2020

Bright Star

I had a wonderful time, as always, working with Shannon Robert as her Assistant Director. I have learned so much from her through my time at Clemson. Even though this was my last production at a a Clemson student, I hope to work with her again one day. 



February 2020

Five Mile Lake

I proposed this play to direct for the Clemson Players' Lab Series because it focuses on connections between characters and is relatable to undergrad students. The characters in this play find themselves unsatisfied with their lives yet unsure - or, more realistically, fearful - about making a change. Five Mile Lake shows us the beauty of unexpected connections and the importance of letting them happen. 

November 2019

Outraged Hearts

NOLA Tennessee Williams Fest















 Through a new female-lead production company, The Fireweeds, I CoDirected Outraged Hearts with Jaclyn Bethany for the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival. 

March 2024

Fun Home

Intimacy Director 

I recently had my first Intimacy Directing gig! I was brought in by the University of  Southern California's student theatre group, Musical Theatre Repertory, to work on their production of Fun Home.


September 2023

 Intimacy Education

Throughout Summer 2023, I have been taking workshops through Theatrical Intimacy Education to learn about consent based practices and Intimacy Direction and Coordination.

To date, I have completed the following courses:


Best Practices 

Trauma Informed Practices

Intimacy Coordination in TV & Film

Modesty Garments, Barriers, & Masking

Staging Sex: Kissing

Staging Sex: Power Play

Staging Sex: Intercourse

Staging Sex: Outercourse

Staging Sex: Nonconsensual Intimacy


June-August 2023

Acts of Creation

New Stage Theatre's Unframed

As a new play from New Play Exchange, 'Acts of Creation'  gave me the opportunity to collaborate directly with the playwright, Brianna Barrett. We worked through adaptations to the script to better suit the community of Jackson, MS.


April - May 2023

Assistant Directing

at New Stage Theatre

 This year, I have been fortunate to Assistant Direct for Francine Reynolds on two MainStage productions at New Stage Theatre- 

The Glass Menagerie and The Sound of Music. 


During The Glass Menagerie, I lead understudy rehearsals and contributed notes and ideas for the main cast to Francine throughout the process.

 For The Sound of Music, I worked closely  with the two casts of children, making sure they understood what was happening in each scene and how to relay the energy and intentions of their lines, consistently reviewing their parts, and corralling them between rehearsal rooms. 



October - December 2022

Stage Managing Sunset Baby

I made my stage managing debut with Unframed at New Stage Theatre's production of Sunset Baby. Having worked closely with many stage renegers as a director and assistant director, it was a great way to use what I had learned from them as well as gain a better idea of that perspective in the rehearsal room. 




January - February 2023

Directing Children's Musical Theatre at French Woods



 At French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts I directed some wonderful children with a two and a half week rehearsal schedule for two hours a day. The Little Mermaid  with 9-11yr olds and How to Eat Like a Child with 7-9yr olds challenged me under this time frame to learn about the kids quickly and manage rehearsal time as efficiently as possible.



June - August 2022

Directing Become the Flowers


Theatre! After two years of pandemic setbacks, I was able to direct again in April 2022. After pitching Become the Flowers by Talia Friedenberg to May River Theatre (in Bluffton, South Carolina) for their first annual one act play festival, I was thrilled to direct this play.


I came across Become the Flowers  on New Play Exchange and loved it. The play embraces the meaning behind and complicated feelings we hold for formative relationships long past. As the world is coming to an end, two exes become each other's unexpected company in the last hours of life. What are we willing to say out loud? How extreme must the situation be to say it?


With 11 days to build and rehearse and a budget of $250, I am very proud of the play that my team and I were able to put together. Check out my Portfolio to see production photos!




April 2022

Summer 2021 Internship

The summer of 2021, I interned at 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta, GA. As an intern during their Youth Creates Program, I was both a teacher and participant working with Atlanta teens. I also helped with their 2021 Human Lights Festival; Curious Encounters by ushering and running technical elements for a few performances.


Click the photo to learn more. 



June-July 2021

American Flipside


At the end on 202o I wrote a spoken word poem about the division in America right now. It's called American Flipside. 



Click on the photo to check it out!





December 2020


After starting a petition for Clemson University to actively fight racism on campus, myself and two current students were reached out to by a faculty member with the idea for a grass-roots, student-led campaign for diversity and equality. As our petition mentioned that the required CU 1000 course at Clemson was extremely lacking in these areas, the faculty member thought this campaign could be a wonderful way to supplement it until necessary changes are made by administration. I became a founder of We CU with Kapreece Dorrah and TeAnna Flynn-Brown. 

In addition to organizing and leading individual volunteers through making content the campaign, I was in charge of conceptualizing and writing the script for our introductory video. I was able to gather the help of many passionate students during the summer and still in the height of the pandemic. I'm very happy with how it turned out thanks to the help of all the campaign's video leaders who participated and some awesome students who edited and filmed extra footage. Click on the picture to see our intro video!



August 2020

KCACTF Directing Award

At the 2020 regional Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, I participated in the 10 minute play festival. Through this program, I directed a staged reading of a new play by a young playwright- 'From Around Here' by Kelsey Waltermire. After the performances, I was given the directing award for this event. 







February 2020