Theatre Education

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Education Touring Show, Click Clack Moo

Along with the four other Associate Artists for this season at New Stage Theatre, I am performing in New Stage Theatre's touring production of Click Clack Moo; Cows that Type. It had been years since I was onstage performing and I am having a blast! The Associate group has grown very close-knit and we are all very supportive of each other (Shoutout to Claire Justice Perter, RaKaela Thompson, Austin Michael Russel, and Tim Magee!). Both our child and adult audiences have given great responses during and reviews after the show; it's a joy to perform!

Kids Studio at New Stage Theatre

In Fall 2022, I was a Teaching Artist and Director for New Stage Theatre's Kids Studio camp. The camp meets for two hours every Saturday for 6 weeks. Through this time, myself and another Teaching Artist split the kids into our two casts, blocked, and rehearsed a show show for their friends and family at the end of the camp. We also lead warm ups and games throughout the process. The kids had a great time and were proud of their work performing in Pluto's Big Problem!

French Woods Festival for the Performing Arts

In the Summer of 2022, I spent three camp sessions as a director at French Woods in the New York Catskills. Each session was three weeks long in which I cast a show from from cattle call auditions and bargaining with other directors within the age group and rehearsed the shows for about 2hrs each day. During the day I also taught classes. 


First Session: The Little Mermaid Jr with 9-11 year olds

Second Session: Wilderness with teens 14+

Third Session: How to Eat Like a Child with 6-9 year olds

7 Stages Youth Creates Program

Summer 2021, I was able to be an intern at 7 Stages Theatre in Atlanta, GA. During their three-week Youth Creates program, I served both as a peer and mentor to the students. As they devised their own show, I was and to encourage them to voice their ideas and help guide them toward a cohesive, ensemble-driven story. I was also able to facilitate the learning of a dance choreographed by Gregory Shaggy, a Dutch professional dancer.

Teaching Artist Training

In September 2019, I participated in The Warehouse Theatre's (Greenville, SC) Teacher Artist Training. Through this experience, I learned new facilitation tools such as adjusting the structure of an activity based on participant anxiety, creating smoother transitions, and making Shakespeare accessible to those who may find it daunting. In addition to those running the training, I also met and learned from my fellow participants sharing their own tips and experiences. 

ConfiDance Facilitator

While studying abroad at Rose Bruford College in the spring of 2019, I was able to work under Jo Frater, Director of ConfiDance. The experience of working through ConfiDance with children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or on the Autism Spectrum as fellow artists has taught me not only the possibilities of inclusive work but also the benefits it has to offer. I learned how movement can become communication in more settings than performance. It can bridge the gap between verbal and nonverbal individuals regardless of social skills or physical ability. Simple movement-based play can show recognition that everyone is an artist with a voice to be heard.

Education Intern at Alliance Theatre

In the summer of 2018, I worked as an Education Intern with Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, GA. The majority of my job was to be a Teaching Assistant for their summer camps. Along with escorting the children to lunch and free time, I taught basic theatre terminology to ages 6 to 13 and was able to do some directing and choreographing for the performances the children put on each week for their families.