Stop Kiss

Assistant Director’s Note by Connie Thompson and Lindsey Neville


      Set in the West Village of NYC in 1998, Stop Kiss takes audience members on a journey about curiosity, love, and new beginnings. In a girl-meets-girl story, New Yorker Callie and Midwestern Sara develop a close friendship that becomes something more. On the night of their first kiss, things take a turn for the worst, forcing Callie to continue the exploration of their relationship without Sara’s confidence and optimism.

      At a time when the general public is becoming increasingly aware of the scope of sexuality, this play is a wonderful exploration of interest and curiosity between young women. The media regarding the gay community is bombarded with spectacle, popularizing the idea that sexualities other than hetero have become a simple fad between young people. This play exposes the honest and vulnerable moments of interpersonal discovery that are left out of the media. As with many relationships, Callie and Sara struggle to understand their own feelings, let alone what to call them or how to express them. Stop Kiss i s not about homosexuality or social justice; it’s about people.